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Breast Reduction Surgery for Men and Women

  How Breast Reduction Surgery Works for Men and Women When one thinks of any sort of breast surgery, they immediately jump to breast augmentation or implants for women. While these types of procedures are wildly popular, the fact of the matter is there are other breast surgeries available to both men and women. A […]

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Common Male Breast Reduction Questions Answered

Male breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure for men. Men feeling jaded with their oversized chests have begun to find that gynecomastia surgery is the most effective way to quickly slim down their chest and reestablish flatter, firmer and more defined pecs. With today’s advanced medical technology procedures there […]

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Male Breast Reduction Increases in Popularity in 2016

Last year saw a significant increase in young males seeking breast reduction surgery since 2014. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a study that showed a 14% increase in males who sought male breast reduction to treat what is known as Gynecomastia, a condition that leads males to develop larger than normal breasts. Unfortunately, […]

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