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Take Your Body Back with a Mommy Makeover

Having a baby is the most beautiful experience in every mother’s life, however it comes with a changing body, and one that is often difficult to get back. A growing number of women are undergoing mommy makeovers to restore their post-pregnancy bodies.   Each patient is unique and different. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Schlenker customize […]

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Toning Your Body After Weight Loss

Congratulations! You’ve eliminated the excess weight and you’re a step closer to the new body you were dreaming of. However, sagging skin is keeping you from reaching your ultimate goal. Thanks to advances in modern medicine and cosmetic surgery, post bariatric surgery offers a way to tighten and tone after a dramatic weight loss.   […]

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Getting Rid of Men’s Love Handles with Liposuction

The areas that are commonly treated with liposuction remain different between men and women. While women most often want to remove fat from their thighs and hips, men commonly focus on the stomach area, such as love handles. Men’s Liposuction for Love Handles Love handles are an issue for many men. This type of fat […]

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Maintain Your Abs After Liposuction With Smoothies

Some patients exercise their entire life to find out that some fats just are too stubborn to be removed, and some have the “fat gene” that cannot be genetically alter. After undergoing liposuction, the same patients are generally careful with what they put into their body knowing that old habits die hard. In general, abs […]

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