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Breast Augmentation Revision

Although the majority of breast augmentation patients have a smooth post operative course and excellent outcome, a small percentage of patients occasionally develop a long term complication. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Schlenker performed numerous corrective breast procedures on patients who had issues such as breast implant displacement or malposition of the implant, and encapsulation or handling of the internal scaring around the implant. Our Beverly Hills patients highly recommend Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Schlenker for their breast augmentation revision at Beverly Hills Wellness Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art JCAHO-certified facility in Beverly Hills Los Angeles.

Breast Problems Requiring Revision

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is when the implants end up sitting very low on the chest dropping down below the existing infirmary fold (natural crease beneath your breast) and there is lack of internal support for the implant itself. This occurs when the fold has been released excessively during breast augmentation revision operation or may be due to factors of the patient’s collagen and tissue integrity.

Stretch Deformity

Stretch deformity occurs when the breast fold is in the correct position, however, the length of the tissue between the nipple and the fold stretches. This may be due to the patient’s soft tissue inelasticity and/or the size or shape of the implant that is used. I n addition, skin laxity can change with age, pregnancy, weight changes, or heredity.

Capsular Contracture

Deflated or Ruptured Implants

A rupture or deflation of the implant may be experienced at any point after the initial breast-augmentation. This complication may be increased by an under-filling or overfilling of saline solution into the implant, excessive compression, trauma, and other causes. If the implant shell is not filled with the correct amount of saline, there may be a crease or fold in the shell which often leads to a rupture.

Rippling, Wrinkling, and Palpable Implants

This usually occurs when there is not enough tissue coverage or when the implants are excessively large, relative to the patient’s breast and breast tissues. This commonly happens at the bottom of the breasts but may also be seen towards the middle or on the sides; less commonly in the superior or top position. This occurs more frequently with saline implants and with saline gel implants.

Displacement of Implants

Displacement of the implants refers to the space or insertion of the breast implants and how it can become too large on the side of the chest. In some cases the tissues can stretch and the implants can fall too much to the sides. This is most easily seen when the patient is lying on her back. On a rare occasion, the implants can move towards the patient’s armpit as well.

Synmastia or Symmastia

Symmastia or Synmastia is a condition which can occur when the breast implants are too close together. Patients often refer to this as a “uniboob.” This can occur for the same reasons as displacement of implants noted above, but in this case the pocket(s) is/are too far towards the center.

Breast Augmentation Revision before and after photos

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Types of Breast Implants You May Want For Your Revision


Breast Augmentation Revision Beverly Hills

Silicone Gel

slilicone gelSilicone gel implants are the most common type of breast implant used when undergoing breast augmentation. The silicone can vary in firmness and consistency. Unlike some saline implants, they are pre-filled before they are inserted.

Advantages of silicone gel implants include:
a long history of safe use, may be less likely to wrinkle than other types of implants and are available in round or anatomical (contoured) shapes (often referred to as teardrop shaped)

  • Silicone gel can be very soft and pliable (supple) implant filler, so it allows for movement and gives you a natural feel.
  • Most silicone gel implants used in the UK have a textured surface, which can reduce the risk of excessive movement and may also avoid problems such as scar tissue shrinking around the implant (capsular contracture).



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What does Breast Augmentation Revision entail?

  • Breast augmentation revision is meant to correct the patients who develop complications resulting from past breast surgery.
  • Our doctors will consult with each patient to see if their breast augmentation issues will benefit from this procedure.
  • This is a complex procedure that aims to improve breast health.
  • There are various factors that may contribute to causes for revision.
  • This procedure is more intricate than the initial augmentation due to developed problems over time

What Problems Warrant a Breast Augmentation Revision?

  • Problems with placement and implant position can affect the appearance of the breast.
  • The patient's tissue can change over time and become a problem.
  • The implants can also develop problems over time that can affect the patient's health and overall breast.

Receive breast augmentation revision surgery from an experienced plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Contact us to see if your doctors feel that breast augmentation revision is right for you. We offer breast augmentation revision so that our patients can enjoy the healthy breasts they have always wanted.

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Dr. kapoor is awesome, he is friendly, calm, caring, laid back, and makes you feel at ease. He remembers his patients and his staff is wonderful and he did an awesome job on my boobs,

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Dr. Kapoor was amazing!! I did my research for years before I chose a doctor. I chose him because I felt that he genuinely cared about what I was doing and wasn't trying to sell me on procedures. He gave me great advice about my procedure and made me feel comfortable. I'd recommend him to everyone.

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I search for a plastic surgeon for about 5 years. Dr Kapoor was the answer to my prayers! He was really kind, informative and patient, allowing me to ask questions in order to feel more comfortable about my procedure.