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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

“Breast reduction is one of the many plastic surgery procedures that offer aesthetic and functional benefits for the patient. For women with overly large breasts, even minor tasks can become difficult due to the burden of weight placed on their back and neck. I see many women in my Beverly Hills practice who wish to be able to live their lives pain free so that they can accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. I take great pride in performing this procedure as the immediate physical and psychological benefits are clearly evident. As more women look to breast reduction surgery to enhance their figure and lifestyle, insurance coverage for this procedure is becoming easier to obtain. As a plastic surgeon practicing for years in Beverly Hills, it is exciting to see tremendous gains in beneficial, medically necessary procedures.” –Dr. Kapoor MD

Why You Want A Breast Reduction In Beverly Hills

Overly Large Breasts Size

You want to reduce your overly large breasts that are causing you to be at risk for health diseases. Overly large breasts, a condition known as macromastia, can also be a source of embarrassment. Your clothes don’t fit the way that it is made and you spend a ton of money tailoring every outfit that you purchase. If you are embarrassed or uncomfortable with having overly large breasts then a breast reduction performed in Beverly Hills is the procedure for you.

Discomfort Body Movements

You want a breast reduction because the size of your breasts limits your ability to run and exercise. You even dread putting on gym clothes to know that you will again struggle to get out of them. The bodily discomforts you experience may cause more pain to your body than if you were to not exercise. You want a breast reduction in Beverly Hills because you feel dragged down towards the upper half of your body causing slowness in breath and harder to breathe during your workouts.

Difficulty Breathing And Sleeping

Irritation Of The Skin

You have indentations from bra straps trying to support the weight of your breasts, you have enlarged areolas caused by stretched skin, and your nipples hang down under the breast crease. A breast reduction performed in Beverly Hills by cosmetic plastic surgeons Dr. Kapoor and Dr Schlenker is the procedure for you if the skin under the breast crease gets irritated as you put on your bra. In addition, your breasts hang low and the skin surrounding your chest is stretched causing more stretch marks as you age.

Damaging To Your Overall Health

You want a breast reduction because you are having back, neck and/or shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts. In addition, you want a breast reduction because you are having difficulty sleeping or laying down flat on an everyday basis. Irritation can cause joint and muscle pain leading to chronic diseases and metabolism issues. It is best to avoid any pain to the neck, back, and shoulders before it becomes chronic as you age.

Breast Reduction before and after photos

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Breast Reduction Recovery Tips


Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

Bruising & Swelling

Bruising and swelling should be expected after your breast reduction procedure. You may be swollen for up to three to four months, although this could be very slight and only noticed by you. Your breasts, of course, will be smaller than they were before and higher, so you may not notice swelling too much. Treatment for prolonged swelling includes increasing your fluid intake (preferably water), having normal to low sodium intake, and movement, such as light walking. Other common side effects during recovery include numbness or changes in nipple sensitivity, itching around incision sites, and increased firmness or fullness in the breast tissue.




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What does Breast Reduction Entail?

  • This procedure is a surgery for patients who seek breast reduction due to various health problems
  • A doctor will consult with each patient to see if breast reduction is right for them and talk over all possibilities.
  • Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure with general anesthesia. An incision is made to remove excess tissue and skin.
  • Breast reduction reshapes breasts.
  • The areola and nipple are repositioned for better placement.
  • Breast reduction is a solution to a problem rather than a simple elective surgery. This makes the procedure one of the most satisfactory of them all.
  • Health insurance may cover this surgery because of the potential health risks due to larger breasts that may affect the patient.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

  • Reduced pains for patient.
  • Improved confidence from reduced breast size.
  • Patients can partake in physical activity with ease.
  • Patients can live an easier lifestyle without being held down by larger breasts.
  • Patients will no longer have trouble breathing and sleeping.
  • Relief from skin irritation under breast.

Am I a candidate for Breast Reduction?

  • Patients should always be in good health when considering a surgery.
  • Patients can be either men or women.
  • Patients considering this procedure often have breasts that they feel are too large for their health.
  • Patients experience pains and aches due to their large breasts.
  • Patients before the procedure are usually limited when it comes to physical activity.
  • Patients before the procedure experience back, neck and shoulder pain.

Receive breast reduction surgery from an experienced plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Contact us to help you achieve your ideal breasts with breast reduction surgery. We offer breast reduction so our patients can reduce their daily pains and worries.

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