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When you do research on liposuction and plastic surgery, most of the information and advertising you see are geared towards women, and information for men is often scarce. In our heavily male dominated society, any concern about looks and appearance are unfortunately often ignored or brushed aside, making any insecurity linger in the back of […]

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There is so much talk about breast augmentation and implants in today’s society, that breast reduction surgery almost seems taboo. They keyword there is ‘almost.’ Awareness of breast reduction surgery is finally gaining momentum as well-known celebrities undergo the procedure. Stars such as ‘Modern Family’ actress Ariel Winter have been outspoken about their breast reduction. […]

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Last year saw a significant increase in young males seeking breast reduction surgery since 2014. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a study that showed a 14% increase in males who sought male breast reduction to treat what is known as Gynecomastia, a condition that leads males to develop larger than normal breasts. Unfortunately, […]

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You don’t have to battle against those stubborn bulges anymore! Let your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Doc help you in the fight those bumps and lumps that just refuse to go away. General liposuction is the answer you need to smooth out any unwanted curves and disproportionate areas. Some fat deposits take more than the […]

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Some patients exercise their entire life to find out that some fats just are too stubborn to be removed, and some have the “fat gene” that cannot be genetically alter. After undergoing liposuction, the same patients are generally careful with what they put into their body knowing that old habits die hard. In general, abs […]

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Post tummy tuck surgery, most patients are in recovery mode follow by playing the “waiting game” to see their final result. While swelling is an inevitable aspect of the recovery process after any surgery, patients may feel discouraged by excessive swelling that obscure their new look. We have compiled 3 post-surgical recovery tips to help […]

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Ever since the first showcase of the gummy bear implants, breast augmentation had became the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States with more than 286,000 of the same procedure performed in 2012. The new gummy-like implants were the best thing invented since the traditional silicone and saline devices. To mimic the natural […]

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Real Self
5 Stars     Mentor Breast Implants

Dr. kapoor is awesome, he is friendly, calm, caring, laid back, and makes you feel at ease. He remembers his patients and his staff is wonderful and he did an awesome job on my boobs,

5 Stars     Nish R.

Dr. Kapoor was amazing!! I did my research for years before I chose a doctor. I chose him because I felt that he genuinely cared about what I was doing and wasn't trying to sell me on procedures. He gave me great advice about my procedure and made me feel comfortable. I'd recommend him to everyone.

5 Stars     Miguel V.

I search for a plastic surgeon for about 5 years. Dr Kapoor was the answer to my prayers! He was really kind, informative and patient, allowing me to ask questions in order to feel more comfortable about my procedure.